GTAO Vlogs' Services - Let's Work Together Friends!!

We think there are terrific related areas where we may be able to combine these original Gold, Treasures, Adventures, and Outdoors videos with services that you or maybe someone you know will benefit from and you can support the channel as well. 

1) Creating a unique vlog or series of vlogs at or on your property if you own a travel destination or business related to Gold, Treasures, Adventures, and or the Outdoors.  We can work together to showcase your location or business provided we can educate and entertain the GTAO Vlogs viewers while doing so!

2) Locating, staking, and helping you to record mineral claims.  Our unique experience is particularly with placer Gold mineral claims.  For a fee paid partially in advance we can work with you to get the claim paperwork underway and finished and yes we would want to make an original vlog for the GTAO Vlogs' channel about this adventure and process which may or may not, depending on your wishes, disclose the actual location.

3) Joining with you, your family, or your team for a short or an extended trip to a known and or remote area where you want to or think we should explore for a treasure known, unknown, or suspected.  Again this would be an opportunity for an exciting GTAO Vlog and I think our viewers would really enjoy it!

4) Can we coordinate a visit to your existing claim(s) and do some prospecting, sampling, and hopefully some mining too while creating an original GTAO Vlog and thus provide some advertising and promotion for you, your group, or your business to use and benefit from?  Let's make it happen!

5) Also we are seeking a few regular sponsors for GTAO Vlogs particularly in the areas of camping gear, travel campers and off-road products, travel clothing, gold prospecting equipment, outdoor tool companies, skin diving and scuba diving equipment, survival food and tool suppliers, outdoor clothing makers, and or metal detecting suppliers and or manufacturers. 

6) We would appreciate featuring your products being used and maintained in the vlogs to get our work done and treasures recovered!!  Using products within the videos will demonstrate their quality and utility and we can also use them, as is appropriate, for giveaways to viewers, subscribers, and supporters.  Also we could do the same "giveaways to supporters" with gift cards to the company so the viewer can make their purchase online.  You may have additional ideas about how we can help each other and work together and we welcome them.

7) Lastly, you name it and let's see if we can work together while making interesting and entertaining content for GTAO Vlogs!!  

We appreciate any and all support and it helps greatly as we aim to get established and growing. 

Reach us at    Contact               Many Thanks and Happy Hunting Friends!   Aaron